This large-scale mosaic, entitled We the People, was created by art students in the ceramics program at Westwood High School, during the 2016-2017 school year, under the artistic guidance of Kate Jellinghaus.  While the bulk of the designing and making was done by a group of young artists in the Ceramics 3 program, over 50 additional students participated in the final, finishing stages of the work. The youth artists who designed and created this piece were: Despina Aslandis, Becky Whitney, Hannah Blum, Molly Hurley, Sunny Fox, Ben Adjami, Kenjaya Drayton, Kayla Lacey, Sara Cwieka, Onieda Struga, Mike Shea, Brenna McQuade and Matt Conway.

Special thanks also to Stavros Aslandis for the much-needed help with the installation stage of the work.

Given the placement of the work -- immediately outside the ceramics studio -- the group wanted to use broken tile mosaic techniques to capture a sense of freedom and enjoyment through color and design. The two heads facing each other symbolically represent conversation as a metaphor for the clay studio.  The free-flow of ideas from one person to another is expressed through the use of color and imagery that passes from one head to the other. The uses of "We the People" in the work references the Constitution, but then is repeated in many different languages, throughout the piece, to send a message of inclusivity and openness to cultures and ideas from people around the world.