This section includes art collaborations in a variety of media: sculptural installation, ceramic mosaic and photography. 

The works explore a variety of topics, including gun violence (3 Months Project), community (We The People mosaic) and poverty, youth voice/identity (A Bulgarian photo project). 

My role as a teaching artist in these collaborations is to help create opportunities for truly collaborative art practice. True collaboration between teaching artists and young people (or people of any ages) can be deeply generative - with core members participating in some way at every level of the creative process: from design to implementation to exhibition. The goal of art collaboration is to create experiences that expand a sense of possibility and enhance creativity for all participants. 


A collaboration to address gun violence in the United States created by art students and teachers at Westwood High School.

A collaboration to create a large scale ceramic mosaic to serve as a visual metaphor for the Westwood High ceramics studio.