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2009 Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are, Work from the Juvenile Justice System and Beyond. The Mark W. Potter Gallery, The Taft School, Watertown, CT. Exhibit of work by youth participating in the programs of Artistic Noise, Boston and New York, as well as the teaching artists of Artistic Noise.
2009 Ubuntu: Two Works On Sisterhood. The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Exhibit of two large-scale, collaborative works made together with the youth artists of Artistic Noise.
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Montserrat College of Art, Carol Schlosberg Gallery, Beverly, Massachusetts.
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2019 Art21 Art Educator. Accepted into the 2019-2020 Cohort of the Art21 Art Educator Program.
2008 Travel Grant for March 2008 show at Bulgarian Ministry of Culture Cultural Branch of US Embassy. Sofia, Bulgaria.
2007 CEC Artslink Award - Recipient of 2007 Visual and Media Art Award for US artists CEC Artslink Organization. New York, New York.
2006 Juror Commendation, “Artrageous” Art Auction 20 Montserrat College of Art. Beverly, Massachusetts.
2002 Rockwell Visiting Artist. The Taft School. Watertown, Connecticut.
1993 Italian Honor Society. Stanford University. Palo Alto, California.
1989 Reardon Prize in History, the Thomas Chase Award for Excellence in Art and the Aurelian Award for Senior of Outstanding Character, Leadership and Scholarship. The Taft School. Watertown, Connecticut